Optimizing a website in WordPress

WordPressOptimizing a website in WordPress: WordPress is currently the most popular CMS platform in the world. It is estimated that 76 millions of websites globally have been developed with this, almost the 25% from all the webs.

Translated to more than 51 Languages, every day more than 1 million new posts. With these figures, sure you will love knowing 5 key points for optimizing a website in WordPress.

How to optimize a website in WordPress?

Optimize images

Today, the loading time of a certain website is a key aspect, both for Google and for users. And the images have a notable influence on that point. To prevent them from being too heavy and slowing down the loading time of the website, it is best that you adapt its size to the subject in question so that it fits correctly to the Web design Y, what's more, that before uploading them, you compress them.


Any strategy that you are going to implement will be of no use if you do not have the website in a specialized WordPress hosting. You must take into account a series of points:

    • On the one hand, that offers enough space to host WordPress and everything that this platform implies: plugins, topics…
    • On the other hand, make full migrations free.
    • Y, by last, that the servers are optimized and, what's more, automatically update frequently.


A great way to optimize your website in WordPress is to display the contents in a compressed version. For it, you just have to apply the one known as minify, which significantly reduces the size of HTML files, CSS y JavaScript, in a way that optimizes the content and eliminates what is not necessary.


One of the best decisions you can make in relation to your website is to bet on a content distribution network, a CDN. What these types of services do is host in your hidden different static versions of your website, which are spread all over the world, thus making the web in question a more dynamic site, and reducing the loading time of the same.

Cache system

One of the great obstacles that many face web page designs and its content managers is that they have to access the database to make any type of query, which unnecessarily lengthens the waiting time. As well, to avoid having to make so many inquiries, the ideal is to offer a static version of the site to users until there is some modification in it, as a new article or comment.

web optimization

These are roughly the 5 key points for optimizing a website in WordPress. It is worth knowing them to know how optimized the web design we offer for our sites.

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