Learn a little more about the time change

Don't stay behind, tonight, at 2 am will be 3 am! But, let's know a little more about the time change:

1. How much do i know save with the time change?

A 5% of energy, equivalent to 300 EUR million, according to him IDAE.

2. What is this time cycle called?

Summer schedule

3. Energy saving…. but what are the costs?

As we have seen, on the positive side, you have the potential energy saving, but for the negative, that many people alter their mood and daily rhythm, which generates many detractors. It especially affects the elderly, who cannot get used to the time change: Transient alterations, as the distimia (depressed mood), drowsiness, nervousness, irritability and headaches may appear in the first days. Discover other relevant world days in our google+ and discover how through graphic design we illustrate them with our style asdeideas.

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