Web positioning in Madrid

The web positioning in Madrid it is a strategy used by many large or small companies, who want to stand out from the competition, with the aim of increasing the number of potential clients and the monthly profits of the business.

If you have a business in the Spanish capital and you want it to be recognized on the web, you need to work through these six steps to rank well in Google search results, Bing and Yahoo among others.

1.- Use a keyword planner for web positioning in Madrid

The public in Madrid is not the same as in other Spanish provinces, For this reason, you should know what the target audience of your company is and the terms they use to carry out their searches on the Internet..

A good alternative is to use the keyword planner from Google Adwords, which allows you to search for new keyword ideas, get search volume and traffic forecasts.

This tool is completely free, It also allows segmenting the analysis by province and country to obtain more specific results.. You can enter a list of words related to your business or service and analyze the figures that it yields.

The most recommended is to use specific keywords because generic keywords have greater competition and it will be more difficult for your website to appear among the search results.

2.- Increase and update web content

Content for web positioning in Madrid is a powerful tool to increase the number of visits to a page. It is necessary that this is original, truthful, quality, varied and highly informative.

When we talk about SEO content to get search engine optimization Madrid it is important to constantly update it. In addition, This must contain links to the internal pages of your site and to websites with high PageRank, keywords, among other elements.

3.- Make correct grammatical use

Offering quality content to users includes writing articles clearly, concise and precise.

Make sure you have a short title and that it catches the netizen's attention.

You must have short intertitles and that respond to the title.

A direct introduction is necessary that explains the title of the article.

A development that does not include technicalities and a conclusion that invites interaction with the company.

Watch your spelling, the grammar and length of the article. If it is too long, the user may get bored and abandon reading, the most recommended is to write between 350 Y 700 words.

4.- Optimize the coding of the page for web positioning in Madrid

HTML tags are part of the internal encoding of the page. The page must be optimized so that search robots can read the website data and index the pages to the search engine.

Experts recommend applying standardized settings for browsers to effectively view documents.

These are actions that expert programmers should apply in Web design of web positioning agencies.

An error in the application of this technique can cause penalties by Google.

5.- Promotes interaction with users

A good alternative to motivate interaction with Internet users is to create social profiles on the main networks.

Participate in forums on other websites, create spaces for recommendations, comments questions and answers, link to other pages and blogs.

This point is very important, because the algorithms of search engines to know if a content is of quality or not measure the times that certain content has been shared.

A site that does not invite interaction or that has a high bounce rate can be interpreted as being of low quality.

The bounce rate corresponds to the percentage of users who, after entering a certain page of your website, does not perform additional navigation and abandons navigation.

6.- Increase quality external links

Another alternative to get web positioning in Madrid is to receive links from other websites.

You can subscribe to global and local search engines, web directories, look for companies that are related to the services and products you offer and you can try to exchange links.

If your site has SEO optimized content it will be easier for them to agree to link to you.

It's very important, that you look at the SEO authority of the pages with which you intend to link, because Google rewards quality and not quantity.

It is better that they link you 10 very relevant sites that 100 little relevant.

Another fast and free way to have external links is by creating a profile on Google+ and Pinterest and placing the web address of your page in these profiles.

Achieve SEO positioning in Madrid it is not achieved overnight, for that you need to have patience and correctly implement all the SEO strategies that help increase the display of the site in search engine results.

If you want to have an online store that generates higher profits you can contact our experts and request your budget for the digital marketing and SEO service.

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