Online learning platforms

Online learning platforms

We currently find ourselves in a society that is constantly learning.

Partly, has been possible with the birth of distance education modality.

Two new concepts have emerged from her hand E-learning and MOOC courses what are online learning platforms.


The E-learning (Electronic Learning) is the heir to the traditional educational system. Follow the same learning bases, placing the teacher as an expert in the field.

Differentiating it, but, in the learning media. Bases distance education on the use of online media to access content.

What company specialized in e-learning solutions, We know that one of the main benefits of this distance training method is the possibility that the student can access the contents whenever and wherever they want..

Also allows, the Constant comunication with the trainer and the other participants.


One of the best known and most used online learning platforms that exists for the E-learning educational system is the Moodle.

Allows design customization, creation of classrooms and courses, organization of workspaces, etc.

The contents are presented in text format, interactive graphics, images, audios and videos.

The latter is becoming the format par excellence since it presents the contents in an attractive way for the student..

Massive Open Online Course – MOOC

The MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) They are courses that do not understand borders, they are open to everyone.

They are taught through SCORM pills from online videos and are designed for a mass audience.

MOOC courses have revolutionized the educational system of universities allowing students from anywhere in the world to access them.

This has led to being able to graduate in courses taught by important universities such as Harvard. But it has also revolutionized the world of Business.

Online training with e-learning platforms

Comparing them to traditional courses, the MOOC break borders and allow sharing knowledge with people from other cultures.

In e-learning models the same as in traditional courses, the teacher is the epicenter of the course. This has changed, with the Open Courses the student becomes the center of the educational process.

You create the course according to your interests, and the trainer remains as an educational support.

Allowing, So, learning freedom according to the student's personal concerns.


As we have seen, although the e-learning model and the MOOC courses go hand in hand, they cover different needs.

That's why, that every educational process needs a analysis of training needs to, So, be able to define a training plan that meets the objectives of the company or institution.

The design has to be unique and the development adapted to the online environment.

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