Achieve positioning in Google

The positioning in Google from your online store, it is only possible by following the basic rules established by the quality administrators of the world's leading search engine.

Climbing in the first positions of the Google lists is the reward for a constant work that seeks to improve the quality of the website, to provide the user with a pleasant stay while browsing.

We have compiled three of the most important tips that will be highly functional to improve your company's website.

After reading this article, check your website and verify that you are applying them correctly and voilà, you will be ready to start climbing positions in Google lists.

Put content to good use

Our first tip to optimize the positioning in Google has to do with quality content.

Internet searches are motivated by expanding knowledge about a topic.

The more up-to-date, truthful, informative and interesting will be the content of your website, more visits will receive.

The content must include the keywords related to your online store and with which users carry out their searches..

A website with little content runs the risk of being considered by search robots as spam.

Google experts found that quality content has great power to motivate user navigation around the website.

If the Internet user gets what he is looking for quickly and easily, he will stay browsing for a longer time.

Make sure to offer the most information about your company, product and services that you sell.

Avoid copying the content of other sites on the Internet.

Raise the issues clearly and do not generate greater doubts in the people who read, avoid using technicalities or colloquial or vulgar languages, namely, you should treat your readers with respect.

Make an equitable distribution of the keywords within the text.

Optimize the web structure

Your website must have a clear structure and hierarchy, you also need to include text links.

For Google to consider that the user will have a good stay while browsing it, it is important to provide it with static text links that facilitate access from all pages.

The distribution of the links must be done in an equitable way, namely, each page should not have more than 60 links.

It is also important that these links are not broken to avoid being penalized.

A good way to facilitate internal navigation has to do with providing the sitemap page with a link to the different sections of the website., but be very careful, and do not exceed the number of links you place in this.

Another point that is important to achieve positioning in Google, it has to do with optimizing the title and description elements.

Within the recommendations made by Google experts, the title of each of the pages must contain the most relevant keywords, must be unique, explicit and have between 10 Y 70 characters.

For his part, the meta description talks about the activity your company is engaged in or what your website is about.

That text shows in search results, the most important keywords and each page should show a unique description.

It is recommended that you have an extension of 70 a 160 characters including spaces.

The guidelines for webmasters established by Google to position web pages are quite basic.

By complying with the guidelines, your website is now ready to appear among the first positions of results..

Positioning in Google without cheating

There are "miraculous" web positioning services where these incorrect practices are used to achieve fleeting positioning, they bring with them the penalties on the part of the administrators of Google.

These sanctions are applied to domains that do not comply with the quality guidelines to achieve web positioning..

Penalties range from site position drop for certain keywords, until the complete removal of the page within the Google directory.

In these cases, you must acquire a new domain and start all SEO work from scratch..

Among these practices of Black S EO we can mention; make links to portals not related to the activity of your website, include hidden text on the pages to increase the ratio of text and number of keywords within the web, copy content from other sites, incorrect use of web positioning techniques, incorrect inclusion of keywords.

So, It is important that you do not be fooled by false SEO experts who can only cause problems instead of conversion.

The work of positioning in Google it is the result of several actions of SEO On Page and SEO Off Page.

The content update should continue, social media management, bells, promotions, among other key positioning actions to keep the attention of Internet users.

To be able to outperform the competition and appear in Google search results, it is necessary to be up to date with the search engine updates.

A new one recently came out google panda update, which completely removed search lists.

Communicate with our experts and request your personalized budget to achieve positioning in Google.

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