Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

Instagram released an update this week that looks a lot like Snapchat (Yes, including being able to write on photos and videos, include stickers and others).

The new functions of Instagram Stories include being able to publish content as if it were slides to which you can include filters, handwriting and even stickers.

The loudest feature is that the stories are made public only by 24 hours (Doesn't that sound familiar?).

The new function appears at the top of the screen with the Instagram profile and the users you follow who are already using the new function.

All the videos and photos published in a user's Stories will be seen followed in the same way that Snapchat presents the stories of other users. The "plus" icon (+) in the upper right corner it will allow us to create a photo or video for our story.

Once Instagram is captured, enable the filter options, stickers and handwriting.

The privacy settings of the stories are tied to the settings of your profile, if this is public, all the images and videos will also be public, Otherwise, your profile is private, it will only be visible to the contacts you accept..

Apparently this is another attempt by Facebook to curb the popularity of Snapchat., however the numbers don't lie, Instagram does not yet have the number of active users and daily content that its competitor does., we will have to wait at least a few weeks with the application active to try to predict its future. Meanwhile, let's enjoy this new option.

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